Learning, The CirrusMio Way

Put simply, the CirrusMio Way is continuous improvement.

It is important to constantly develop our skills. We want to improve the value of each individual while also improving the relationship of the team as a whole. The best way to achieve this is to offer a path for individual mastery, and introduce more and varied interactions with your peers.

A novice leverages skills that already exist. An expert can synthesize new concepts. The pathway has many parallels, from learning to teaching, and from planning to executing. In the documents below, you will have the tools to progress toward expertise.

Your success is likely if you maintain:

Use the following pages to maintain a list of resources and provide comments and feedback on them. Each page should list the key takeaways of following the tutorials, and how we would judge that a student has learned the required techniques to be qualified at a particular level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). There is no pathway for the expert level, becuase it is simply experience and interaction that provide the last mile. There will never be a course that can compensate for lack of experience.</p>

A note on providing updates

This project is on GitHub. Please fork and send a pull request to add resources or reviews for any of the materials.

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