Beginning Ruby


The main takeaways from ruby are:

Skill Development

These are the skills that should be able to be demonstrated at beginner level:

General ruby resources

Tutorial list

TODO: getting a linux+ruby environment with Vagrant

Ruby Koans

Ruby Koans are exercises that introduce you to core concepts of the Ruby language. Through testing, you can manipulate code and ensure you achieve a correct solution.

Zen Koans are the namesake of the project. A Koan is a riddle whose solution helps a student progress toward enlightenment.

Ruby Koans are the best way to get involved in writing ruby as you learn the various concepts. They make a great first introduction for the complete neophyte and the validation they provide through testing is a great ego-stroke to keep you learning.
- @xtoddx

Big list of resources

The Free Programming Books project has collected a set of resources that may be helpful. If you find them valuable, please list them on this page with your review.

Getting Experience